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Why Study Evolution?

Why Study Evolution?
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Evolution – A Definition

Before we can even answer the question of whether the Bible teaches us about evolution we must set before us a definition of what evolution really is.   Evolution is a theory that has at core the idea that mankind evolved over the centuries into what we have become today.

Evolution – Life begins by chance – Chemical Evolution

The theory of evolution begins with the proverbial primordial ooze, which was supposedly created out of nonliving matter, which is often referred to as Chemical evolution.

The theory of chemical evolution has some problems:

1.   It has been scientifically proven that life cannot be created from non-life unless by supernatural means, (the involvement of God).  Think about the process of sterilization, the process of the killing of all germs and bacteria.  When the sterilized object is left in a sealed environment there is not new growth.  When was the last time you heard of life coming form a non-living matter probably never?


  1. The idea of life by chance is purely unscientific.  Scientists pride themselves on backing up their theories and ideas by fact and statistics.  The theory of evolutions as of right now has not been proven scientifically. That means the fact of evolution is backed up by premise and conjecture, which is highly unscientific.


  1. Experts in the field have found that chemical evolution is impossible.  Professor Michael Behe of Lehigh University in Allentown PA has shown that for a cell to survive all of it’s components parts must exist.  If any one of the component parts is missing the cell will die.   So as far as chemical evolution goes the whole single celled organism would have to have formed at once not over centuries in order for it have survived.


Evolution – Life Changes Over Time – Biological Evolution

Once you get the formation of the single celled organism and crawls onto land you start to deal with the theory of biological evolution. Biological evolution simply stated is the idea that over time the initial single celled organism eventually became an amphibian that crawls out onto land and evolved into more complex animals.


An integral part of biological evolution is the theory that as evolution states a primate slowly evolved into Homo sapiens and the rest is modern history. 

All of the changes in biological evolution are mainly due to what is often referred to as “natural selection” or survival of the fittest.   Natural selection is the process by which the weaker species dies off leaving room for a more advanced species to take over.


Macro versus Microevolution

Part of the evolutionary theory is macroevolution, which is where one species of animal become an entirely different kind of animal.  An example of macroevolution is the dinosaur evolving into birds.  To date there is no credible evidence for macroevolution.   While there is evidence for microevolution, which is the idea of evolution within a species, i.e. why we have such a wide variety of animals we must remember what the Bible says in Genesis 1:21-26 about the nature of creation and the fact that God made every animal “after it’s own kind”.  


This verse shows clearly that God is responsible for all the different species of animals and types of plants that we have here, not evolution.  The verse in Genesis also shows a major flaw in the theory of evolution: the idea of cross species evolution.  If the evolutionists are correct the fossil record would support their theory and thousands of fossils would be on exhibit in museums throughout the world.  To date there are no known authentic fossils that support evolution.


The fact is the fossil record supports creation because of the presence of fully formed animals.  There is also quote after quote from such well-known paleontologists as Stephen Gould and David Rapp stating the fact that there is “precious little” in the way of fossils that would support evolution.


Evolution – What Does This All Mean?

What is means is that all the evidence that exists points to a Creator who fashioned this world into such a complex and beautiful place.  It means that nothing in this world was created by chance it was all created with a purpose and that purpose was to support the life and welfare of God’s greatest creation, man.


This is only a brief look at evolution, you owe it to yourself as A Christian to learn as much as possible about evolution in order to be better prepared to be a witness of the truth of the Gospel as it relates to the Creation story. 


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