Get Close to God

Growing In Christ
Quiet Time Alone

This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Intimacy With God-Growing In Christ 

This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Getting close to God – Growing In Christ

What does it mean to grow in Christ?


Is there a relationship between personal growth and spiritual growth?


Make up a chart On one side list some ways you have grown personally in the last few years on the other side list some of the ways you have grown spiritually in the last few years.  Which side is longer?  If it is the spiritual side then you are on the right track. If you have grown more personally then you need to focus more on your spiritual growth.  Don’t get me wrong it is ok to have personal growth, but if your personal growth interferes with your spiritual growth you need to make some adjustments so that you spiritually grow in your relationship with Christ.


Think of it this way.   When two people meet and become friends they learn as much about each other as possible.  As the years go by there is more sharing and a greater bond develops.  These are the friendships that last a lifetime.


On the other hand there are those people who come into your life and you stay friends with for a few seasons, never really getting close.  After awhile you drift apart and you each go your merry way.


Which type of friend is Christ to you?  I would hope the first one, which means you are always seeking to grow closer to Christ and looking forward to the day when you will stand side by side with your best friend.


Growing in Christ – How is it done?

Through Faith – Read Hebrews 11:1 - What does this verse say about faith?


Take a look at these other Bible verses that talk about faith

2 Corinthians 13:5

1 Corinthians 16:13


Through Knowledge – Read 2 Peter 3:18 – What does it mean to grow in “grace and knowledge” and what does it have to do with spiritual growth


Through Acceptance – Read Romans 5:1 and Ephesians 1:5-6. 

Answer these two questions

Do you believe God has fully accepted you?


If you feel he has accepted you, upon what basis?


Through Purpose – Read the following verses, Romans 8:28-29 then answer the question:

What is my purpose?


Once you know your purpose you are on your way to spiritual growth


Through Completeness – In whom or what are you made complete?

What makes you feel like you are complete?  Take the time to write down what you makes you complete.


Now read Colossians 2:9-10

With who are we truly made complete?


Without God and the work of Jesus Christ on the cross we are like an incomplete home, not useful for anyone to live in.


Through Help – it is time to ask God where we can help instead of asking God for help

As immature Christians we see Jesus as just our helper, which He is, but as time passes and we grow we see Jesus as our life itself.


Read what Paul says in Philippians 1:21

What does this verse say to you right now?


Read Philippians 4:13

Who does this verse say is at the center of everything we do?


You can see from these verses that our life is tied to Jesus and to get closer to Him we must grow spiritually through the faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


What about you Spiritual Growth?


How have you grown spiritually in the last year?


What is a stumbling block to you spiritual growth?


Name one area you would like to grow spiritually in the next year?


Pray to God for His guidance in your spiritual growth.


Remember this is not an exhaustive list of way you that you can grow spiritually.  You cam also grow:


         Through Discipleship

         Through Continuance in your life as Christian.  Do not waver or fall off the narrow path.

         Through denial of self

         Through Preparation


And the list goes on and on


As Christians the Bible says we must grow from drinking milk,(just accepting Christ as our Savior), to eating the solid food of His word.


Take the time now between lessons to read the book Growing into Christ Likeness by J. I Packer.  This book deals with how we need to be wary of unhealthy spiritual growth.


First we need to be wary of putting too much passion in learning doctrine and theology and not in sharing the love of God with others


Second we need to be wary of the other extreme of thinking that Christianity is nothing more than churned up emotions and there is no need to learn that doctrine stuff


Third we need to be wary of being the Christian who has little time for doctrine, little time to get caught up in all that emotion stuff because they involved in so many world changing task that it takes up all their time so they get very little doctrine or enjoyment from true spiritual growth.


Spiritual growth must be uniform in all areas and we must always be careful to keep a balance of studying God’s word, getting closer to God and doing His work.


Model your growth after Jesus who always took time to study God’s word, pray to God for guidance, disciple others and even allowed time for rest