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This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Intimacy With God-Lordship 

This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Is Jesus Really Your Lord?

The success of a Christian life is in direct proportion to the acknowledgment of the Lordship of Christ in that Christian life.

I. Why Should Jesus Be Lord of Your Life?

Think about this question for a few minutes.  Pray about it, do whatever it takes to comes up with an answer you can live with.  I have listed some ideas for you below and some Bible verses for you to look at, but until you can answer the question in your heart correctly it will hinder an intimate walk with God


A.      Jesus Should Be Lord Because Jesus Is Our Savior

Now this is the most obvious answer but when you read the following verses you will discover what it truly means to have Jesus as your Savior.  Since Jesus died on a cross for you and you have given your life to Him are now bound to Him through and because of His love for us. 

Read Romans 10:9-13

1. What do these verses say we have to confess to be saved?


2. Count how many times the word Lord is used.  Why do you think Paul emphasizes Christ’s Lordship?


3. Who is Jesus Lord over?


4. What else must we do besides confess Jesus as Lord?



B.      Jesus is Lord Because Jesus Is the Divine Son of God

John in his Gospel showed us that he truly grasped the idea of Jesus as the Son of God, but John also noted that Jesus was Lord.  He describes a couple of scenes where people call Jesus Lord Mary at the tomb looking for Jesus, Mary: "...they have taken away my Lord" John 20:13 and Thomas in the upper room "My Lord and my God!" - John 20:28, to name but two.  Jesus the Son of God is Lord. 


Paul also recognized Jesus lordship and in verse after verse he calls Jesus Lord.

Read Philippians 2:9-11

1.  What do these verses say about who Jesus is?


2.  These verses again stress the idea of confessing Jesus as Lord.  Why is confessing Jesus as Lord so important to our intimacy with God?


3. This verse stresses every knee will bow, does that mean all who will confess Jesus as Lord will be saved and if not what is going to happen to those who have not confessed Jesus as Lord here on earth? 


     C. Jesus Is Lord Because Jesus Will Be Our Judge.

Jesus is also has been granted the authority to be our judge.  His justice will be certain and unlike earthly justice which at times can be clouded, His justice will be fair. There will be no excuses because remember Jesus knows firsthand what it means to be human.   If you have confessed with your mouth and believed in your heart then you have nothing to worry about, but woe to those who refuse to bow the need to God’s Son.   

Read Matthew 25:31-33, 41

1.       In these verses what is Jesus doing?


2.       What does he say to the two groups of people?


3.       Why do you think He is passing judgment on the second group of people?


In Romans 2:16 Paul gives a clear indication of what Christ will do when he tell us  "The day will surely come when at God's command Jesus Christ will judge the secret lives of everyone, their inmost thoughts and motives; this is all part of God's great plan, which I proclaim."     


Take the time now to read Philippians 2:9-11

  1. What does this verse tell you about Jesus Lordship and He will bow before Him?


2.   For those who do not recognize Jesus as Lord will this time be a joyous occasion< why or why not?                             



II. How Should Jesus' Lordship Affect Your Life?

A.      You Must Learn and Obey the Lord's Will.

This is obvious but too many people do not realize what it means to obey the Lord’s will>  In the past if someone was Lord, as in a kingdom, over you and you did obey their will it was considered treason and you could be put to death.  If you accept the Jesus as your Savior but fail to see Him as you Lord and do His will you should consider it a form of treason against the Lord. 


1. Read John 14:15 and answer the question

How Do We OBEY the Lord Jesus?


B.      You Must Imitate Jesus

Part of accepting the Lordship of Jesus is by the way in which we obey Him. The Lord Jesus said, "If you love Me, keep my commandments." There are many people who say they love Jesus, yet they do not obey Him or His Word.  If we truly value the Lordship of Jesus then we must imitate Christ in all of our life.  This is not a casual imitation this is a striving to be like Christ in the way we think, pray, look at relationships between God and others. 


Jesus had an intimate relationship with all He came in contact with, intimate in the fact that He was not afraid to show the unlovable love and compassion.  He also felt that an intimate relationship with His Heavenly Father was a necessitated by the fact that He said He loved His Heavenly Father and that love meant grasping everything His Father wanted Him to do and then going out and doing it.


If we say we love Christ and He is our Lord them we must come to a knowledge that we need to imitators of Christ.

Read I Corinthians 11:1

1.  From this verse what does it truly mean to live the Christian life?


2.  Name some way that you can think of that Christ imitated His Father. An example would be ways in which He showed others Gods Love.


3.  What does imitating Christ have to do with and intimate relationship with God?


C.      You Must Put Jesus First.

Now comes the tough part.  To become intimate with Jesus and to show Him that we truly look at Him as Lord of our lives we must put Jesus first.  Now this does not mean first on just Sunday or at Wednesday prayer meeting but at all times.


Read Matthew 6:19-33

1.       Why do you follow the Lord?


2.        Look at all the things mentioned in these verses that distract us from an intimate relationship with God.   Have you ever considered that the life you now live where you are not putting Jesus first each day could have devastating consequences?   What do you think some of those consequences could be?


3.       Intimacy with God is closely is closely tied to what we set our sights on.   What are you setting your sights on and where are your treasures?


4.       Look at the Matthew 6:32 and then at Matthew 6:33.  In the context of the rest of the verses does you life resemble verse 32 or verse 33?  If verse 32 what can you do to change it?






1. Jesus is My Lord … My Master … My Owner? 
2. What is Jesus to you...?
3. Have you submitted to Him such that you can rightly say, "Jesus, MY Lord"?
4. Matthew 28:18-20 
5. Jesus warned of those who profess His Lordship, but fail to truly demonstrate it (Matthew 7:21-27). 
6. Are you doing the Father's will, and so demonstrating that Jesus is truly "your" Lord?