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Christianity – Boring, Untrue or Irrelevant


Christianity – Boring

One of the misconceptions about Christianity is that it is boring.  As Christians we are often viewed as stoic people who sit around contemplating the outcome of a life full of don’ts and not a lot of dos.  After by the world’s standards we are a pretty bunch of tame people and when you factor in those 10 Commandments what is left for us to do but sit around and do nothing?


I am here to put an end to the myth that Christians are boring.  Hey we do as many things us other people we just leave out all the parts that in the end cause more harm then good.  So we do not drink, we do not do drugs, have premarital sex.  That does not mean that we are boring.  I for one still hang out with my friends and talk and joke around.  I go to concerts, movies and the like. In fact I am happier now then I was before I was saved. 


Christianity – Untrue

Now I am not going to try and convince you of the truth of Christianity, because the truth of the Gospel is something that only the Holy Spirit can illuminate for you.  There are too many people who dismiss the truth of the Gospel away because they have heard from someone that there is not truth to the truth of the Gospel. They for themselves have never taken the time to examine the evidence and then render the proper verdict.  In a court of law this type of evidence is referred to as hearsay and is inadmissible.


The fact of the matter is that until all the evidence is examined and a verdict is rendered there is no basis for truth.  Jesus when He came to this earth gave us just enough evidence as to make up our minds as to the true nature of Jesus.   The fact of the matter is that care must be taken to tune out all outside influences in order to see the truth and it is on this truth, which we must act.


So is the Gospel untrue, it is if a decision is reached about the truth of the Gospel without seeing for yourself what truth is based.  No truth can come out of ignorance.


Christianity – Irrelevant

There has been so much talk about the relevance of Christianity for our modern society. The Christianity is often viewed as outdated, too restrictive, biased and even hateful.  Truth is seen as whatever we believe there are no absolutes.  The question that is often asked is how can the Christianity which is so black and white in it’s doctrinal statements ever be relevant in our modern day grey do as you want to world?


The truth is that in order to keep a proper balance there must be the black and white doctrines of Christianity.  There is always relevance to the truth and Christianity and the Bible how much you try to dismiss it digs down deep to the core of man’s nature and as to how we act when we are given no absolutes to live, love and learn by.  All someone needs to do is take a good look around and see what has become of our world when the truth as dictated in the Bible and lived out in a true Christian’s life is taken away.


Christianity is not boring, it is dynamic in nature because of the truth that is found in the Bible and the relevance that truth has in any society.  Christianity is about loving others, helping others and giving to those in need.  That is the message that Jesus came to preach that we are to love god first and then love our neighbors as we love ourselves, but in order to truly love ourselves in the correct fashion we must seek out the truth that is found in the Gospel.