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Men's Bible Study - The Power of God's Word

Most men struggle through relationships with other men and women because they do not want to appear like they are unable to handle whatever comes their way.  Most men will not ask for help or appear like they need assistance, because it is not the macho thing to do. That is why Christian men need an outlet to help them talk about what they are feeling inside. 


The Bible has a lot say about fellowship among men and how men are supposed to forgo the normal male response of turning inward in times of trouble. The Bible clearly state that we as Christian men are to start viewing our lives as one of fellowship with other men. 


Male bonding is not something to be feared but something is a one aspect of our Christian lives that needs to be welcomed, embraced with all our hearts.  Men are called to talk and share emotional moments with other men and that is what we should be doing each and every day we can.  . The Bible tells us: “Wisdom strengthens the wise more then ten rulers of the cities” Ecclesiastes 7:19.  Bible study helps us to gain wisdom and knowledge of God. A men’s Bible Study helps men to share that wisdom from young to old and old to young.  A men’s Bible study gives men a much-needed time for closeness and bonding.


Men's Bible Study - Applying God's Word to the Uniqueness of Men

Men are good at hiding their feelings.  Men are also good at trying to deal with hidden struggles or sin on their own. The truth is that a men’s Bible study is a time where men can bring out hidden feelings or struggles and not feel concerned about letting their guard down.  A men’s bible study is a way to comfort others through the joint study of Scriptures and prayer. In 2 Corinthians 1:4 we are told “God comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others”.


A men’s bible study allows men to talks about and relate to the struggles of life only men go through.  Men have unique struggles that only other men would understand and relate to, but it does not stop there.   A men’s bible study also allows a group of men to enjoy what the bible calls “ the breaking of bread” or fellowship where joint tasks are entered into and friendship as men are built.  There is more to men then just a shallow relationship men must be ready to answer the call of God to join as one body.


There is power in God’s Word to help all men, but it is necessary to read and share the Word with each other. In short a men’s Bible study is a good way to start and develop relationships with other men.  Yes men can have relationships where they share and respond to each other’s needs in prayer and in action.


Men's Bible Study - Make a Commitment to Connect!

To make the most of a men’s bible study each man in the group must make a commitment to connect with each other.  On the surface this may appear like a daunting task because each member of the group is going to have different likes and dislikes when it comes to the things of this world but remember you do not have to like the same sports, books, etc. in order to connect on a much deeper level when it comes to sharing inner concerns and feeling.


In Psalm 133:1, the Psalmist declares that we should realize “ how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”.  The unity here I feel is not only having an agape or deep love and respect for someone but having a relationship but also having a commitment to connect in a much deeper way with other men.  It is only when we choose to be open with each other will we realize the true nature of what it is to have a meaningful men’s bible study.





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