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This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Intimacy With God-Prayer 

This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Objective: To show the need for prayer.

God wants us to pray to Him.  Sure He already knows what we need and want but prayer is not just about asking God for things it is also about getting close and personal with your best friend.  In our lifetimes we spend a countless number of hours talking to and listening to our friends, our families and many other people we come in contact with on a daily basis, but each day many of us fail to include God in our conversation. 

Prayer is about building a relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Prayer is about reverence for your Heavenly Father.

Prayer is about getting close to God


How do you get close to someone? The answer is by getting to know them.  One way to get to know God is by reading the Bible another way is by praying.  Talking to God draws you closer to God in your heart, where it counts.

Prayer - What the Bible says - How Do We Pray? Jesus taught the importance of being close to God and in putting God first in all things.  The twelve guys we know as the disciples watched Jesus for the better part of three years as He related to God in a personal and intimate way.  They watched Him pray and talk to his father as if He were sitting right next to Him, which we now know He was.  I would imagine Jesus lived a life of ceaseless prayer.  Whether he was waling a dusty road or sitting in a boast on the water Jesus prayed.


Finally one day the disciples approached Jesus and asked this question of Him “How do we pray?”  The disciples desired the same close relationship with God that Jesus had, but they weren’t quite sure how to talk to God in such an intimate way. After all God was someone they look at with reverence.  They never really learned how to pray. Should their prayers be official or just casual conversations?  What was the right or wrong way to pray?


In Matthew 6:9-13, we read what Jesus instructed them to do

Take the time now to read the Lord’s Prayer and answer the following questions


In verses 5-8 Jesus talks of preparing ourselves to pray.  What do these verses tell us about how we are to prepare ourselves to pray?



Break down the Lord’s Prayer into the specific areas of prayer and specific requests.  How does each relate to your life?



Is there a set order to the Lord’s Prayer and if so what can we learn about prayer from it?



Does Jesus’ example help you at all in the preparation and content of your prayers?



Do you think after reading the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus meant this as the only way we should pray or as an example of how we could pray?



Prayer - What the Bible says – When should we pray? To Jesus prayer was a way of life.  Jesus prayed to His Father for advice, Jesus prayer to His Father for intercession, Jesus prayed to His father for thankfulness in fact Jesus prayed to His Father constantly.  It was a vital part of His life.


It should be the same with us.  Read the following verse and write down what they tell about when to pray.


1 Thessalonians 5:17

Ephesians 6:18

Luke 21:36

Luke 18:1


These verses show us when we should pray.  What did you find out about your prayer time from these verses?  Do you pray, as you ought to?


If not it is time to take your relationship with God to the next level and being to pray, as you should.  It is the one sure way you can become more intimate with your Creator and begin to reap the benefits of prayer.


Prayer - What the Bible says – What are the benefits of prayer?


We have already discussed the importance of prayer as communication between you and God. Another aspect of this is how can we say we love God unless we are willing to share our heart with Him.


Prayer for the Christian is NOT a duty. It is part of fellowship with a personal God-or Heavenly Father.

Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 mediate on what this verse is telling you to do.


Joining in Purpose

As we pray we join in God’s purpose for our lives, which is communication with Him.  We were created to have a close relationship with God.  Prayer is a crucial part of that close relationship.  We can also through prayer join in the purpose of other Christians.  An example is prayer for missionaries.  We all cannot go to the mission field, but through prayer we are right there alongside those who have been called; we are joined in their purpose of spreading God’s word. 


Read Paul’s words in Ephesians 1:15-23 and then write down some ideas about what these verses have to do with prayer being defined as a joining in purpose.


Confession of Sin

While it is true that when we came to know Christ as our Savior our debit was paid and our sins past, present and future are forgiven.  This does not mean however that sin does not cause a separation between God and us.  Unconfessed sin can cause our relationship with God to be strained just as sinful acts can come between you and anyone.  We need to confess to God what we have done wrong in order to restore a right relationship with God.


Read 1 John 1:9 and James 5:16, what do these verses tell you about confessing your sin to God?


Prayer - What the Bible says – What are the hindrances to prayer?

Lack of a Burden for Others

As Christians our hearts should be burdened for the souls of the lost.  This burden should show up in the way we pray to God for the salvation of others. The problem is that sometimes we forget to feel that burden, as we should.  This becomes a hindrance to us because we no longer go to God, as we should. 


Read 1 Timothy 2:1-2.  What does Paul say about praying for others?


Praying for others is a way to show we care.  It is a way to say that you matter to me. We must remember that there are many others out there who do not know what it is like to fee; the love and forgiveness of Christ.


A Faulty Relationship

Are your right with God and others?  Most of the time when we do not feel the need to pray or feel that our prayers are being heard it is because of a broken relationship with God or some wrong we have committed against someone else and have failed to rectify.  We need to feel remorse for these situations and come to God or the other person and ask for forgiveness. 


Read 1John 2:1-2.  What does this verse tell us about what happens when we sin?


Prayer is important to our right relationship with God.  Prayer also draws us into a close and intimate relationship with God.