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Intimacy With God-Time Alone 

This Is Not A Bible Study In As Much As It Is A Call To Change Your Life For And Through Christ

Objective: To show you the importance of developing and maintaining a quiet time with God.  All relationships take time but you must first make an effort to find the time to make the relationship work.   Think about it.


Getting close to God – A Quiet Time Alone With God

1.  What would you consider to be a personal, daily time alone with God?

Take the time to write out a few ideas.  There are no right or wrong answers for this question.



2.  What would you consider to not be a personal, daily time alone with God?



What is a Quiet Time Alone With God?

The Biblical Perspective

Now that you have your own view of what a daily time alone with God is, now let’s compare it with what the Biblical perspective is of it means to spend time alone with God.  Read the following verses and write down what they teach you about developing a quiet time alone with God.


The example of Jesus; Mark 1:35 Time alone with God


A call in Psalm 119:15, 23, 48


A call to Joshua, Joshua 1:8


David’s example, Psalm 5:3


A call of James, James 5:17-18


These verse are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a quiet time alone with God should be.


Why Should We Have Quiet Time Alone With God?

Having a time alone with God is one of the most important aspects of the Christian walk, but it also one area of the Christian walk that is most neglected.  From the verses we looked a t so far you should have a pretty good idea of what makes up a quiet time with God.  We will go over a couple of these areas in a little more detail alter.   For now we need to look at why we need to spend some time alone with God


  1. We need to eat

Just as your body need food to keep it going.   We need to spend some quality time with God for our soul.  Through prayer and a daily meal of God word we will grow and prosper in our walk with God

Read Matthew 4:4 and 1 Peter 2:1-3 and in your own words describe what these verses say about God’s Word.


  1. We need to listen

It is hard to hear God speaking to you when the reception is fuzzy.  You need to make a clear connection to God so you can hear what He is telling you and the only way to do that is by eliminating all distractions so you can hear his still quiet voice. This means you must find a quiet place in order to listen His voice and only His voice.  Effective listening also means coming before God with an obedient heart a willingness to listen so you will be able to hear His insight for your life.


Read James 4:8, What does this verse tell us about our relationship with God?


                        Read Psalm 5:3, What should our response once we talk to God in prayer?


Read Psalm 143:10, From this verse give two reasons we should wait to hear from God?


  1. We need closeness

A quiet time allows us to draw closer to God as we shut out the world around us and focus on His Word and His voice.  We will sense His presence as we lift our hearts and bare our souls to Him.  As Christians we should always desire to worship and obey God and see Him more clearly.  We must draw need to God with our hearts, not only with our words.  Remember where your heart is there also will be your affections.


James 4:8 tell us that if we “ come near to God…He will Come near t us” .


Read the following two verse from Isaiah and  decide for yourself if the first or second verse describes you.

                        Isaiah 34:1

                        Isaiah 29:13


  1. We need protection

As Christians we are in a battle and our weapon of choice is God’s Word.  Satan cannot stand against when we call on Jesus and use the Word of God to defend ourselves.  A quiet time allows not only tio study the Word of God but also to call on God for our daily protection.


Ephesians 6:13-17 Details a list of the Armor of God.  Take the time to read these verses and list for yourself each piece of that armor.  As you right them down meditate on how God is our strength and shield.  Also think about the times you have tried to stand alone without God’s protection and what the outcome was.


  1. We need correction

A quiet time allows us to get right with God.  Even thought our salvation is secire we are still going to sin.  After all we are only perfected the moment we open our eyes and stand before Jesus. 


Part of falling into temptation and sinning is correction.  None of us likes to be corrected or told when we do something wrong but we need it in order to learn and move on.  God always corrects us out of love but we must be willing to confess our sin before Him.


Read Psalm 139:23-24 and then ask yourself when was the last time you said the words “God correct me? 


Part of developing intimacy with God is in knowing when we need to come clean and ask for forgiveness


Read Jobs call to God in Job 6:25-  Again is this your call to God or do you need to humble your heart?


  1. We need comfort

No one can make it through the Christian life without someone to encourage and comfort us.  We need to know that God cares for us and knows exactly what we need in the midst of trials.  In our quiet time we go to God in prayer and read His word in order to find the comfort and encouragement we need


Read Psalm 10:17-18 and describe what this verse means to you.


Read 2 Timothy 4:2 Even though this verse is about the way Christians are to deal with each other, it can give us a great insight into the way God deals with us.  What does this verse teach you about God and how He handles us in all situations?


Does this give you comfort?



  What is involved in a quiet time with God? 


Bible Reading - Pick a passage of scripture, book of the Bible or even a devotional and read it.  If you want get one of those Bible study books at your local Christian Book Stores to help you work through a topic or book of the Bible


Bible Journaling – As you read each passage of Scripture or each book of the Bible jot down in a journal or diary your thoughts about the passage or something God ahs revealed to you as you read it.  You could also keep track of your prayer requests.


Prayer - How can you have quiet time alone with God if you do not pray and ask God for guidance.  As you read each book, each passage pray about what is in the passage and ask God to reveal what he wants you to know.  Each time I read a passage of Scripture God reveals to me all manner of new information. 


Listen – Take time to sit back and listen for God to speak to you in His still quiet voice.


A quiet time alone with God is an important aspect of your Christian walk.  It is one way in which we can draw closer to God and become more intimate with Him.  If you want to know what someone is like you have to get to know them so set a quiet time now and get to know God.